DASSA Products


SJ1 - Air-Bladder Truck Seat


SJ1SJ1 connects to compressed air. Air-bladder suspended distillatory seat is superior driver seat specially designed for deluxe passenger car and engineering vehicles.
The cushion and the backrest are both designed according to the body engineering principle. All the handles design and arrangements match the body mechanism principle.
On the chassis of the seat installs the air-bladder suspended distillatory balanced system and it will make you feel more comfortable.
Outside materials are made of grey leather or superior combustion-hindering fabrics and make the seat look more superior.
Moreover, it can be unpacked and changed flexibly according to your needs

fore/aft adjustable scope is 180mm,two sides are locked;
The angle of the back cushion step less adjustable scope:40°;
The height adjustable scope:40mm,the slanting angle of cushion is adjustable;
The distillatory-balanced point can be automatically adjusted as per the body's weight, the max weight is 130kg;
The distillatory device travel:70mm;
The angle of the head blocks step less adjustable scope: 10°;
The outer power supply electric force:24v or 12v,the red thread is positive pole.