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SC2 - Fork Lift & Industrial vehicle seat


SC2SC2 are driver saddles specially designed for forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.
The combination of Chassis' shock absorbers and the structure of the shock absorbers will reduce pernicious vibration more effectively and lessen feelings of fatigue ness, therefore leading to safe operation.
The cushions and the backing cushions are both manufactured by employing vacuum foaming and forming techniques.
They also can be unpacked and changed flexibly according to your needs.

The adjustable distance form the front to the back is 150 mm, its adjustable space is 15 mm.
The step less adjustable range of the backing cushions' angle is 27.5°
Seat height adjustable scope is divided into 3 steps. Max. height is 60mm
The suspended vibration-absorption device may execute step less adjustment as per human weight between 50Kg and 130Kg.The cushion shock-absorption mechanism is divided into 3-stage regulation.
The suspended die oscillating device travel is 100mm
Outer cover material: black PVC