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SC2-13 Agricultural and Industrial vehicles

SC2-13SC2-13 are driver saddles specially designed for Agricultral and Industrial vehicles.
The combination of the chassis' shock absorbers and the structure of the shock absorbers will reduce perniciousness, vibration more effectively and lessen feelings of fatigueness, therefore leading to safe operation.
The cushions and the backing cushions are both manufactured by employing vacuum foaming and forming techniques.
They also can be changed for flexibly according to your needs.

Adjustable Back Rest Angle
Fore and Aft Adjustments
Driver weight adjustment
Integral one piece foam and PVC trim for backrest and cushion: Cushion with drainage surface and grooves
Vinyl or water resistant fabric for maximum durablilty
Arm rest, Head rest, Safety belt, Height adjustment in 3 increments
Suspension with low profile for limited working space